• NEW:WaterJet Services - AGE is now offering waterjet services for everything from backsplashes to countertops. We can use our glass or you can provide other materials such as Granite, Aluminum, Steel, Plexi, etc... Please click HERE for more Information!

  • Tempering - A safety process involving the reheating and cooling of glass.  When the glass breaks, it shatters into tiny pieces instead of dangerous glass shards. - Please Note: Textures with deep grooves or bubbles can NOT be tempered.

  • Laminating - A safety process of gluing one piece of glass to another.  Upon breaking, the panel will crack, but remain whole.  (i.e. windshield) Please Note: Glass will be texture or ‘rough’ side out.

  • Polished Glass Shelving - Glass shelving comes in 1/8”, 3/16”, ¼”, 3/8", and 1/2" thicknesses with a standard polished edge. Please note: Laminated units can be used for shelving. Please call for quotes.

  • Special Shapes - From rounded corners to arched top panels or any shape you can imagine, we can do it!

  • Leaded Panels - Through our sister company, Studio J Inc., we can create a customized leaded unit to any design.  Please refer to our website at

  • Insulated Glass Units - Insulated units use two pieces of glass and spacers to create a barrier.  This helps to retain the heat and/or air conditioning in your home or office. Please note: You can use a textured and clear glass or two textures.  Your options are nearly limitless.

  • Lead Overlay - Overlay gives you the look of leaded glass at a reduced price.  Please call for a quote.

  • Frosting - Any of our textures can be sandblasted for an obscuring look, creating more privacy. Please note: To visualize this option, place sample AGE 282 – Soft Frosted over or behind any texture you wish, doubling the glass options in your set.

  • NEW: Sandblasting - AGE can sandblast designs or logos onto any of our glass options. Please contact us for price quotes. Please click HERE for new standard designs!

  • NEW: Beveling - Any 1/4" thick glass type can be given a bevel, with sizes ranging from 1/4" to 1 1/4". AGE offers acid etched, clear, antique mirror and more in 1/4" thicknesses.

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